The history of the safe as we know it today began in Italy.
From the 14th to the 16th centuries, Italy was the economic and cultural center of the
Renaissance. Flourishing trade in cities like Milan, Venice and Florence helped many
merchants to great wealth, which had to be protected.
The first trading houses emerged and with them the need for solid, large security
containers. The mobility of the chests that have prevailed since ancient times was no
longer needed. The β€ž Sc hrank Tresor β€œ was
The artisans and blacksmiths of that time were now increasingly given the task of
producing magnificent individual pieces with complex mechanics. The rich clients
were willing to spend a lot of money on these status symbols. This cr eated a big
competition between the best manufacturers and the development of the safe was
greatly accelerated.
The advantage of a safe was quickly recognized in many other industries and demand
continued to increase. From this moment on, the triumphal mar ch was unstoppable
and culminated in the period of industrialization throughout Europe. Safes were now
manufactured in high numbers of identical designs and unfortunately lost their